❦ Scenes from Bentley ❧

I’ve seen some people crying about losing money on turnips, but if you play Wild World, there’s no reason to!!

  1. Every town has its own cycle where Nook almost always pays the most on a given day.  In Bentley, that day is Thursday, usually in the AM.  (Sometimes Friday’s prices end up being higher.)  Even when you don’t have turnips, check prices at Nook’s every day, AM and PM if you can (I set the clock to 11:50ish, check the AM price, do my chores, then check again after 12:00).  That way you’ll learn your town’s cycle.
  2. Don’t waste your turnips gambling on the stalk market!  In WW you can keep them forever.  Stand in front of a table.  Open your pockets and drop a tool on the floor.  Then drop the turnips.  They’ll pop up onto the table (since they can’t go directly under you, since the tool is there) and there they will never go bad.  My Nook will almost always buy them for more than I paid on Thursday, but I never sell them if it’s under 400 bells!  This is a glitch in the game that you can take advantage of, not unlike the undelivered mail to keep neighbors glitch.
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    I saw someone do this in acnl too, but I’m not sure if it actually worked out for him.
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