❦ Scenes from Bentley ❧


Someone sent Eloise a Snowman Chair and the Blue Bureau and it clashes with the Ranch theme I’ve spent years on.  NOW SHE WON’T SELL ME EITHER.  I also accidentally sent her the big Ranch Table and she won’t sell me that, either.  Her house is a disaster, looks terrible.  Why bother with the Flea Market if she WON’T SELL ME WHAT I NEED FROM HER.

(I even sent her the Ranch Dresser to replace the Blue Bureau, since they have the same dimensions and townies are more likely to replace a furniture item with the same dimensions as the one you send them, but Eloise kept both plus everything else she had and her house is just a cluttered disaster right now.)

This is why it took me over a year to get the Spaceman Sam out of Dotty’s house. >:|

This is why I hate the Flea Market (that, and you can’t go in your own house without being bothered).

Elvis hadn’t been out of his house for days.  Apparently he was consumed with lust (and possibly hunger).

Elvis hadn’t been out of his house for days.  Apparently he was consumed with lust (and possibly hunger).

Bob, you must be new.

Hasn’t it always been?

Hasn’t it always been?


Eloise just gets me.

Eloise just gets me.

Christmas weekend happenings: It took me three tries but I finally made a perfect snowman last week.  I wish they hung around longer — I had three living next to Eloise one day.  Also, Elvis came over and straight-up lied to me about his relationship with Eloise.  Seriously we all know what’s going on.  Eloise also shared a bit about her past.  And I sent Whitney a letter.

Elvis & Eloise again.
ELOISE: Elvis, you look older than me, but how old are you exactly? And do you want to have a shouting contest, peanut?
ELVIS: Hey! One question at a time! I can't remember 'em all! And SPEAK UP! Let me start off! Ready? 'Cause this is gonna shatter your eardrums. BABYDOLL!
ELOISE: Oh, did you say something? I didn't hear you. Check THIS out. PEANUT!!!
ELVIS: Wow! That's quite a pair of lungs, babydoll! I think the king of noise has been dethroned...
ELOISE: The key to success is practice! I practiced EVERY DAY for a month! *to Dusty* Why do people even bother challenging me?! Because I ALWAYS win! Ooh, snap!
Bob & Eloise
BOB: Hey, Eloise, can you cook a three-course meal, narf?
ELOISE: Well, of course! Any doofus can do that! It's easy, peanut! Just make salmon ravioli, rice, and mocha java... Or portobello Wellington, rice and juice... That's what you mean, isn't it? And, NO, I'm not going to cook for you!
BOB: Yeah, well, I like rice the most, so I tend to eat a lot of it... So, for me, a three-course meal would be rice, rice, and mocha java... Or rice, rice, and juice... I'm totally OK with that, narf!
ELOISE: Oh, wow, Bob... You are so dense. That's not a three-course meal at all! That's just a pile of rice!
Cross posted via LJ:: November 17th, 2009

In other news, this is my first transparent .PNG and I'm more  excited/impressed than I should be.

I am telling you, they’re hot for each other. Eloise tries to move out weekly and I always have to beg her to stay on Elvis’ behalf (okay, so she’s one of my original neighbors, but it’s not just my sentimentality at work here!). Yesterday he sent her a shirt that she oohed and aahed over, fyi.

Eloise: Hey, I meant to apologize for calling you a two-faced toad the other day. I didn’t mean it. You just caught me at a bad time, puddin.

WHAT?! Well, then I’m sorry for spreading all those rumors that you eat trash.

You did WHAT?! Well, in all fairness, I should come clean about launching that bottle rocket into your window last summer. (It was SO fun! ♥~)

YOU did that?! It singed the first 200 pages of my insult thesaurus! For three whole weeks, I couldn’t find any synonyms for “doofus”! FINE! I didn’t REALLY mean it when I told Phyllis that you think she looks clownish.

So that’s why she’s always so rude to me! I thought it was just jealousy! Well, remember the other day when I said you looked really dashing? Sorry about that. It was a total lie. You looked like an old boot. Ooh, burn!

In all fairness, Eloise has compared Phyllis to a clown before.